Korean American Fiction

Last, First Name Title Published etc.
Adachi, Jiro island of bicycle dancers, The 2004, 2005 KA Characters
Alan, Brennert Honolulu 2009, 2010 KA Characters
An, Chŏng-hyo
       An, Junghyo
      안, 정효
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Silver Stallion: A novel of Korea
       = 갈쌈(1986) = 銀馬는오지않는다(1990)
1990 Korean Author
Korean War
An, Chŏng-hyo
       An, Junghyo
      안, 정효
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White badge: A novel of Korea
       = 하얀전쟁: 안정효장편소설(1989)
1989 Korean Author
Korean War
Anthony, Joseph The rascal and the pilgrim
       : The story of the boy from Korea
1960 Adoptees
Korean War
Bishoff, Tonya Seeds from a silent tree
       : An anthology by Korean adoptees
1997, 2000 Adoptees
Bell, Albert A. Death goes dutch 2005, 2006 Adoptees
Brandeis, Gayle book of dead birds, The 2001, 2003,
Burzlaff, Mi Soon Bravo Your life! 2010 Adoptees
Carlson, Melody Degree of betraial: Kenzie's story 2004 Young Adults
KA Characters
Carlson, Melody Falling up
      : Diary of a teenage girl: Kim (Book 3)
2006 Adoptees
Young Adults
Carlson, Melody Just ask
      : Diary of a teenage girl: Kim (Book 1)
2005 Adoptees
Young Adults
Carlson, Melody Meant to be
      : Diary of a teenage girl: Kim (Book 2)
2005 Adoptees
Young Adults
Carlson, Melody That was then
      : Diary of a teenage girl: Kim (Book 4)
2005 Adoptees
Young Adults
Chang, Leonard Crossings 2009   
Chang, Leonard Dispatches from the cold 1998, 2009   
Chang, Leonard Fade to clear 2004 Mystery
Chang, Leonard fruit ’n food, The 1996   
Chang, Leonard Over the shoulder: A novel of intrigue 2000 Mystery
Chang, Leonard Underkill 2003 Mystery
      Hak Kyung
Apparatus, cinematographic apparatus
      : Selected writings
      Easurk Emsen
golden mountain
      : The autobiography of a Korean immigrant,
      1895-1960, The
1961, 1995
Che, Sunny Forever alien
      : A Korean memoir, 1930-1951
1999, 2000
Chee, Alexander descendants of a movie-going republic, The 1994 Short stories
M.F.A. Thesis
Chee, Alexander Edinburgh 2001, 2002 Gay youth
Chee, Alexander queen of the night, The Forthcoming  
Chin, Soo-young Doing what had to be done
      : The life narrative of Dora Yum Kim
1999 Biography
Choi, Annie
     최, 애니
Ayoo! 2005 M.F.A. Thesis
Choi, Annie
     최, 애니
Happy Birthday or whatever
      : Track suits, Kim Chee, and other family disasters
      패션 테러리스트 (tr. 2007)
2007 Young Adults
Choi, Sook Nyul Echoes of the White Giraffe 1993, 1995
Young Adults
Korean War
Choi, Sook Nyul Gathering of Pearls 1994, 2007 Young Adults
Choi, Susan American woman
      = 미국 여자 v. 1 and v. 2 (tr. 2005)
2003, 2005,
Choi, Susan foreign student, The
      = 외국인 학생 v. 1 and v.2 (tr. 1999)
1998, 1999,
Choi, Susan person of interest, A 2008, 2009  
Chung, Catherine

Forgotten country 2012  
Chung, Sonya Long for this world 2010  
      Thomas Park
forgotten war: Dust of the streets, The
      = 잊혀지지않은전쟁
      :두 어머니와두 조국을 가진
      한 남자의이야기(tr. 1999)
1998 Adoptees
Korean War
Cox, Soon-
     Keum Susan
Voices from another place
      : A collection of works from a generation
      born in Korea and adopted to another countries
1999 Adoptees
Davis, Almer John Sugar of lead 2001 KA Gangsters
Foster, Jenny Ryun Century of the tiger
      : One hundred years of Korean culture
      in America, 1903-2003
2003 Anthology
Han, Jenny
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We'll always have summer 2011 Young Adults
Han, Jenny
see also Children's Books
It's not summer without you
      : A summer novel
2010 Young Adults
Han, Jenny
see also Children's Books
summer I turned pretty, The 2009, 2010 Young Adults
Hardy, LeAnne Between two worlds 2003 Adoptees
Young Adults
Hehl, Eileen Happily ever after 1995 Adoptees
Young Adults
Fenkl, Heinz Insu Kori: The beacon anthology of
       Korean American fiction
2001 Anthology
Fenkl, Heinz Insu Memories of my ghost brother 1996 Biography
Fischer, Maribeth Language of good-bye 2001 KA Characters
Gary, Phillips Violent spring 1994, 1996,
KA Characters
      Glenda Chung
Like a joyful bird: A memoir 2003 Biography
      Glenda Chung
Love, life, and publishing: A second memoir 2005 Biography
Hong, Dorothy M. room for sorrow: Five short stories A 2009 Short Stories
Hong, Dorothy M. Tales from a Korean maiden in America 2003 Includes
Short Stories
Hong, Y. Euny Kept: A comedy of sex and manners 2006, 2007  
Hwang, Caroline In full bloom
      = 스물일곱 내 청춘이 수상하다(tr. 2005)
2003, 2004  
Hyun, Peter Darkness at dawn
       : A North Korean diary
1981 Biography
Hyun, Peter In the new world
       : The making of a Korean American
1995 Biography
Hyun, Peter Man Sei!
       : The making of a Korean American
1986 Biography 
Hur, Angela
      Mi Young
Kim, Kennedy 2005 M.F.A. Thesis
Hur, Angela
      Mi i Young
Loosened 2002  
Hur, Angela
      Mi Young
queens of K-town, The
2007 Young Adults
      Ben Ryder
My Korean Deli
      : Risking it all for a convenience store
2011 KA Characters
Hur, Angela
      Mi Young
Unbound 2002 B.A. Thesis
Jaisohn, Philip Hansu's Journey: a Korean story
      = 한수의 여행 (tr. 1979)
Jaisohn, Philip My days in Korea and other essays 1999 Published
in Korea
Dearming in English 2011 Young Adults
Kalpakian, Laura memoir club, The 2004 Adoptees
Kang, Chol-hwan
      강, 철환
aquariums of Pyongyang
      : Ten years in the north Korean gulag, The
      = 수용소의 노래 (tr. 2003)
2000, 2001,
2005, 2006
North Korea
Kang, K. Connie Home was the Land of the Morning Calm
      : A saga of a Korean-American family
1995, 2002 Biography
Kang, Hyok This is paradise!
      : My North Korean childhood
2005, 2007 Biography
North Korea
Kang, Hyun Yi Writing away here
      : A Korean American anthology
1994 Anthology
Kang, Younghill East goes West
      : The making of an Oriental Yankee
      = 동양선비 서양에 가시다 (tr. 2000)
1937, 1965
Kang, Younghill grass roof, The
       = 초당 (tr. 1993)
1931, 1934
Kang, Younghill happy grove, The 1993 Biography
Keller, Nora Okja Comfort woman
       = 종군 위안부(tr. 1997)
1997, 1998,
1999, 2000,
Keller, Nora Okja Fox girl
       = 여우 소녀(tr. 2008)
2002, 2003  
Keller, Nora Okja Intersecting circles
      : The voices of hapa women in poetry and prose
1999 Anthology
Keller, Nora Okja Yobo
      : Korean American writing in Hawai'i
2003 Anthology
Kim, Elaine H. East to America
      : Korean american life stories
1996 Interviews
Kim, Elaine H. Echoes upon echoes
      : New Korean American writings
2002 Anthology
Kim, Elaine H. Seven stories 2005 M.F.A. Thesis
Kim, Elizabeth legend of miracle well, A 2006 Young Adults
M.F.A. Thesis
Kim, Elizabeth Ten thousand sorrows
       : The extraordinary journey of
       a Korean war orphan
      = 만 가지 슬픔 (tr. 2001, 2008)
2000, 2001,
Kim, Eugenia calligrapher's daughter, The 2009, 2010  
Kim, Helen long season of rain, The 1996 Young Adults
Kim, Hyejin Jia: A novel of North Korea 2007 North Korea
Kim, Nancy Chinhominey's secret 1999 Young Adults
Kim, Richard E. innocent, The 1968  
Kim, Richard E. Lost names: Scenes from a Korean boyhood
       = 잃어버린이름: 김은국장편소설 (tr. 1991)
1994 Young Adults
Kim, Richard E. martyred, The
       = 선교자 (tr. 1990)
1965, 1964 Korean War
Kim, Ronyoung Clay wall
       = 토담: 김난영장편소설(tr. 1990)
1986, 1987,
1990, 1992
Young Adults
Kent, Rose Kimchi & Calamari 2007 Adoptees
Young Adults
Kim, Patti cap called reliable, The
       = 아름다운 화해 (tr. 1999)
1997 Young Adults
Kim, Helen long season of rain, The
       = 엄마의집 : 헬렌킴장편소설 (tr. 2001)
1996, 1997 Young Adults
Kim, Suki interpreter, The
       = 통역사 (tr. 2005)
2003, 2004  
Kim, Sunee
     = Kim Sunée
Trail of crumbs
       : Hunger, love, and the search for home
       = 서른 살의 레시피(tr. 2008)
2008 Adoptees
Kim, Tae War with pigeons 2010  
Kim, Willyce
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Dancer Dawkins and the California kid 1985 Lesbians
Kim, Willyce
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Dead heat 1988 Mystery
Kim, Yong-ik
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Love in winter
       = 겨울의 사랑(tr. 1985)
1963, 1964,
Post-war Korea
Short Stories
shred of hope, A 2011  
Koh, Taiwon Kim bitter fruit of Kom-Pawi, The 1959, 1967 Biography
Koh, Taiwon Kim Divided family
      = The bitter fruit of Kom-Pawi
1959 Biography
      A. Haesong
They didn't say that 2004 M.F.A. Thesis
Lee, Chang-rae Aloft
       = 가족 v.1 - v. 2 (tr. 2005)
Lee, Chang-rae gesture life, A
       = 제스처 라이프 v. 1 - v. 2 (tr. 2005)
1999, 2000,
2001, 2002
Lee, Chang-rae Native speaker
       = 네이티브 스피커 v. 1 - v. 2 (tr. 1995)
       = 영원한 이방인(tr. 2003)
1995, 1996,
1998, 2002
Lee, Chang-rae surrendered, The 2010  
Lee, Krys Drifting House 2012 Fiction
Lee, Don Country of origin 2004, 2005 Mystery
Lee, Don Wrack and ruin 2008, 2009 Satire
Lee, Don Yellow: stories 2001, 2002  
Lee, Ellen Once they hear my name
       : Korean adoptees and
       their journeys toward identity
2008 Anthology
Lee, Helie In the absence of sun
       : A Korean American woman's promise
       to reunited three lost generations of her family
2002, 2003 Biography
Lee, Helie Still life with rice
       : A young American woman discovers
       the life and legacy of her Korean grandmother
1996, 1997 Biography
Lee, Jeannie Peacefully, go 1998 M.F.A. Thesis
Lee, Janice Y. K. piano teacher, The
      = 피아노 교사 (tr. 2009)
2008, 2009  
Lee, Lauren Stella: On the edge of popularity 1994 Young Adults
Lee, Marie G.
see also Children's Books
Finding my voice 1992, 1994,
Young Adults
Lee, Marie G.
see also Children's Books
Necessary roughness 1995, 1996,
1997, 1998,
Young Adults
Lee, Marie G.
see also Children's Books
New year, new love 1996 Young Adults
Lee, Marie G.
see also Children's Books
Saying Goodbye 1994 Young Adults
Lee, Marie G.
see also Children's Books
Somebody's daughter 2005, 2006 Adoptees
Lee, Mary Paik Life with the Paik family in America 1984 Biography
Lee, Mary Paik Memories of our Paik family's life in the new world 1984 Biography
Lee, Mary Paik Quiet odyssey
       : A pioneer Korean woman in America
1990 Biography
Lee, Min Jin Free food for millionaires
       = 백만장자를 위한 공짜음식
       v. 1 - v. 2 (tr. 2008)
2007, 2008  
Lee, Veronica Princess June 2001 Adoptees
Lee, Young Jean
see also Multimedia
New downtown now
       : An anthology of new theater
       from downtown New York
2006 Drama
Lee, Young Jean
see also Multimedia
Three plays 2006 Drama
Lee, Young Jean
see also Multimedia
Songs of the dragons flying to heaven
      and other plays
2009 Drama
Lee, Young Jean
see also Multimedia
shipment, The 2009 Drama
Leslie, Adrienne Bird and fish 2008 KA Characters
Leslie, Adrienne Sea and sky 2009 KA Characters
      Dandi Daley
Degrees of Betrayal: Sierra's story 2004 Young Adults
KA Characters
Martin, Bradley K. Under the loving care of the fatherly leader
       : North Korea and the Kim dynasty
2004, 2006 Biography
North Korea
Mazzotta, David Apple pie 1997, 2004  
Mazzotta, David Business as usual 2003  
McKinney, Chris queen of tears, The 1999, 2001,
2006, 2007
McCullough, Kae Skin deep 1993 Mystery
Min, Katherine Secondhand world 2006, 2008 Young Adults
Mun, Nami Miles from nowhere 2008, 2009 Young Adults
Na, An fold, The 2008 Young Adults
Na, An No such thing as the real world
       : Stories about growing up and getting a life
2001 Young Adults
Short Stories
Na, An step from Heaven, A
       = 여기는 천국이 아니야(tr. 2003)
2000, 2001,
Young Adults
Na, An Wait for me 2006, 2007 Young Adults
Nam, Vickie Yell-oh girls!
       : Emerging voices explore culture, identity,
       and growing up Asian American
2001, 2008 Young Adults
Nelson, Sarah M. Spirit bird journey 1999  
Nesbit, Jeffrey Asher Degrees of Betrayal: Ryun's story 2004 Young Adults
KA Characters
Oh, Ellen Seven Kingdoms Preview Young Adults
Pak, Ty Cry Korea cry 1999 Korean War
Pak, Ty Guilt payment 1983 Korean War
Pak, Ty Moonbay: short stories 1999 Short Stories
Pak, Gary Children of a fireland 2004 Suspense
Pak, Gary Language of the geckos
       : And other stories
Pak, Gary ricepaper airplane, A 1998  
Pak, Gary watcher of Waipuna and other stories, The 1992 Short Stories
Pak, Gary Robot stories
       : And more screenplays
2005 Screen plays
Pahk, Induk cock still crows, The 1977  
Pahk, Induk hour of the tiger, The
       = 호랑이 시 (tr. 2007)
Pahk, Induk September Monkey 1954, 1955  
Pai, Margaret K. dreams of two yi-min, The 1989  
Park, Ishle Yi temperature of this water, The 2004  
Park, Ed Personal days 2008, 2009 Satire
Park, Ed Read hard
       : Five years of great writing
       from the Believer magazine
2009 Anthology
Park, Frances Hotline heaven 1998 Black Humor
Park, Frances Walls against the wind 1935 Young Adult
Park, Frances When my sister was Cleopatra Moon 1999, 2000
Park, Frances &
      Park, Ginger
To swim across the world 2001, 2002  
Park, Therese gift of the emperor, A 1997, 2005 Comfort women
Park, No-yong Chinaman's chance, an autobiography 1940, 1944,
Park, Therese When a rooster crows at night
       : A child's experience of the Korean War
2004 Korean War
Park, Yongsoo Boy genius 2002 Suspense
Park, Yongsoo Las cucarachas 2004 Adventure
Porcelli, Joe photograph, The 1995 Adoptees
Robinson, Katy linoleum room, The 2005 Black Humor
Robinson, Katy single square picture
       : A Korean adoptee's search for her roots, A
       = 커밍홈 : 해외입양 한국인 여기자의
       뿌리찾기(tr. 2002)
2002 Adoptees
Salzman, Mark soloist, The 1994, 1995 KA Characters
Scott, Joanna C.
see also Poetry
lucky gourd shop, The 2000, 2001 Adoptees
Young Adults
Shin, Kyung-Sook Please look after Mom
       = 엄마를 부탁해 (2008)
2011 Korean Author
Shteyngart, Gary Super sad true love story 2010 KA Characters
Sinykin, C. Sheri buddy trap, the 1991 Young Adults
KA Characters
Smith, D. J. My brother's passion 2004 Young Adults
KA Characters
     Mark Haskell
Baked 2010 KA Characters
Stout, Mira Ingres
       : An accidental biography in thirteen portraits
2003 Inter-racial
Stout, Mira One thousand chestnut trees: A novel of Korea
       = 천그루의밤나무 v. v. 1 - v. 2
       : 미라 스타우트 장편소설(tr. 1998)
1997, 1998,
1999, 2008
Suh, Lloyd Masha no home: drama 2003 Play
      Brenda Paik
Korean American writings
       : Selected material from insight,
       Korean American bimonthly
      Brenda Paik
Seaweed and shamans
       : Inheriting the gifts of grief
       = 미역국 한 그릇 :슬픔의 바다에서 찾아낸
       치유의 선물 (tr. 2007)
2006 4th Generation
Talarigo, Jeff ginseng hunter, The 2008, 2009 North Koreans
Taylor, Theodore Tuck triumphant 1991 Adoptees
Young Adults
Tyler, Anne Digging to America 2007 Adoptees
Thomas, Cullen Brother one cell
       : An American coming of age
       in South Korea's prisons
       = 나는 한국에서 어른이 되었다 (tr. 2008)
2006, 2007,
in S. Korea
Trenka, Jane Jeong Fugitive visions
       : An adoptee's return to Korea
2009 Adoptees
Trenka, Jane Jeong Language of blood: Memoir
       = 피의 언어 (tr. 2005)
2003, 2004,
Trenka, Jane Jeong Outsiders within
       : Writing on transracial adoption
2006 Adoptees
Vollmann, William T. royal family, The 2000, 2001 KA Characters
Wehry, Whalen M. yobo : a novel of Korea, The 1984 Historic
Welsh, Irvine If you liked school, you'll love work 2007 Short Stories
KA Characters
White, Link S. Chesi's story
       : One boy's long journey from war to peace
1995 Adoptees
Hei Sook Park
After the morning calm
       : Reflections of Korean adoptees
2002 Adoptees
Wong, Elizabeth Kimchee and chitlins
       : A serious comedy about getting along
1996 Drama
Williams, E. Laura executioner's daughter, The 2000, 2007 Young Adults
Williams, E. Laura romance for Shawnee, A 1994  
Williams, E. Laura Slant 2008 Adoptees
Young Adults
Woo Sung J. Everything Asian 2009 Young Adults
Woods, Paula L. Dirty laundry: A Charlotte Justice novel 2003 KA Characters
Yoo, David Girls for breakfast 2005, 2006 Young Adults
Yoo, David Stop me if you've heard this one before 2008 Young Adults
Yoo, Paula
see also Children's Books
Good enough 2008 Young Adults
Yoo, Paula
see also Children's Books
Willow King: Selections from a novel 2001 M.F.A. Thesis
Yu, Daeshik Mini-anthology of Korean American Literature
       : 7 essays and 2 poems on Korean Americans
       with Korean-English text, A
1984 Bilingual
Yoon, Paul Once the shore 2009 Short Stories
Youn, Anthony In stitches 2011 Memoir
Yuh, Ji-Yeon Beyond the shadow of Camptown
       : Korean military brides in America
       = 기지촌의 그늘을 넘어
       : 미국으로 건너 간 한국인
       군인아내들 이야기 (tr. 2007)
2002 Biographies
Yun, Mia House of the winds
       = 파란대문집아이들 (tr. 2001)
1998, 2000,
Yun, Mia Translations of beauty 2004, 2005  
Zilka, Christine Lee Facing north, heading south 2007 M.F.A. Thesis